Producción de hojas de afeitar

Producción de hojas de afeitar

Car wipers are used to clear the dust and rain, which make driver safe on the road. People count on wiper to keep them safe on severe weather. There is a simple structure for wiper, but the accessories for it are up to dozen, which make different of wiper blades. Let’s talk about wiper blade manufacturing today.


Proceso de inyección

Firstly, fill material to the high accuracy latest automatic plastic injectionmachine, the density of material continues to increase, and the plastic parts are gradually forming. After the cool-down, the machine will demould automatically, the process of injectionis accomplished. 

It is inevitable have some waste plastic on the edgefor formwork produced.Every part should be checkedand waste should be chip-off carefully to ensure flawlessadapter. 


Acero inoxidable

The importing 65 Mn Stainless steel is punched bythe automatic accuracy CNC punching machine.Automatic CNC operate makes sure the steel precisely.

Adjust the numerical control to set the length and the pressure range ofthe steel. In order to ensuresteel is good quality, every machine is taken careof by a worker. The worker will check them, if there is no problem, he will replace the steel tidily. Then take them to the oven, disposed by 380 ℃ to finalize the design.

Una vez procesado,el acero se someteráa galvanoplastia y pintura negra.A través de estos procesos,nuestro acero es resistente,sin deformación ni oxidación.


The production area of PVC spoiler

The formula of spoiler is made by our company. Prepare the material well, mixthemup. Thenthe PVC materials are turned into the small particles through the granulator, inject them into extruder, after the high temperature melting, the materials are pressingout the molding. Finally, the spoilers are completed through the cool-down. 


Assemble and packing.

Todos los accesorios están listos y el montaje de los limpiaparabrisas estáa cargo de trabajadores especializados.Las cajas de cartón se fabrican para diferentes marcas.


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